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Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica's premier surf destinations. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica, Tamarindo offers visitors a unique combination of adventure and culture.

Tamarindo is named for the tamarind trees that line the edges of its expansive beaches. The town has grown exponentially over the past thirty years due to Playa Tamarindo's (Tamarindo Beach) popularity among surfers. The town was lodged into surfing folklore after it was one of the jaw-dropping settings for the epic surf film, Endless Summer II. This pacific coast surf Mecca can fill the void in any surfer's heart, but it sports so much more than just world-class surf.

Tamarindo has made a name for itself as a popular resort town among international visitors. It was recently featured on Entertainment Television's Wild On.program as a "Las Vegas on the Sea". Needless to say, Tamarindo has become a big time party destination for people looking to let it all hang out for a little while.

Outside of its entertainment and surf allure, Tamarindo also is home to beautiful ecological reserves. The Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Tamarindo is 1,000 acre park dedicated to protecting the area's delicate surrounding mangrove ecosystems. There are local guide services that take sightseers throughout the preserve. Once in the mangroves, one is likely to see a variety of monkeys, crocodiles, and exotic birdlife.

Tamarindo's convenient location, in respect to surrounding beaches, makes it a truly desirable destination for travelers on any agenda, not just for surfers. There are guide services that are centred in Tamarindo that lead clientele out to some of the more remote surrounding beaches, such as Playa Langosta, which is a pristine white-sand strip of beach that continues southward to the estuary of Rio San Francisco.

Just off of the shore from Tamarindo is Isla Capitán. This island has long been a popular nesting and roosting ground for the local pelican populations. It is also where most of the local fishers moor their boats. If fishing is one's forte, Tamarindo has local fisherman who are able to lead tourists out on memorable deep sea fishing trips. These fishing trips are a great way to get a firsthand look at the day-to-day realities of much of the local fish-subsistent population, but it is also a great opportunity for some world-class fishing.

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