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Located in central Costa Rica, San Jose is both the political and cultural capitol of the country. San Jose is a modern cosmopolitan city, which is complimented by its nearly-always perfect weather.

Chances are that if you are flying into Costa Rica, you will most likely arrive at San Jose International Airport. Given the city's close proximity to your likely point of entry, it is worth taking the time to explore some of San Jose's cultural attractions. The city offers a variety of parks, theatres, museums, universities, nightclubs, discos, casinos, fine restaurants, etc. - essentially anything that you are looking for.

A great way to experience San Jose is by taking a walking tour of the city. If you cross-reference a Costa Rican guidebook or obtain information from a local tourism office, you will be able to have an extensive and thorough tour of the city. There are also driving tours of the city available on modified buses which are known as the 'Tico Trens'.

Throughout San Jose you will find fine examples of modern, as well as traditional architectural design. There are monuments, plaques, and statues throughout the city that also provide interesting allusions to the not-always-so-peaceful history of Costa Rica.

Once you are in San Jose, you will have access to many guide services which cater to any eco-tourist needs; offering an array of day adventures into the surrounding lands. One has the opportunity to take guided walking and/or guided horseback tours into nearby rainforests. If a stroll through the rainforest is too mundane for your agenda, there is always the more extreme option of bungee jumping off a nearby bridge into the depths of a rushing gorge. White water rafting trips are also available for the more-extreme traveler.

If one is looking to purchase gifts or souvenirs, San Jose is an ideal location to do so. The city is home to many master craftspeople of various trades. Whether you are looking to purchase a fine wood carving, a beautifully made handmade guitar, or meticulously crafted silver and gold jewellery, San Jose is the place to find it.

It is important to be constantly observing and aware of what area of the city you are in, because, like all cities, there are good areas and there are also areas to avoid. Like many larger cities throughout the world, San Jose has its downsides, such as pollution, low-level crime, drugs, etc. But San Jose's resounding cultural appeal truly makes up for any of its apparent shortcomings.

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