Montezuma Costa Rica

Montezuma is a laid back surf town located on the eastern shore of Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula. Largely untouched by commercial developments like many of the other parts of Costa Rica, Montezuma is a beach lover's paradise.

Dramatically located at the bottom of a plateau that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Montezuma has an alluring quality that goes beyond its amazing setting. It has long been a haven for alternative thinkers. With a strong emphasis on an eco-conscience mindset while maintaining a laid back lifestyle, Montezuma has been a popular destination for hippies, new-agers, and eco-tourists alike.

Montezuma has a reputation of providing very economical accommodations. It also caters heavily to folks that are very health conscience. There are several health-food cafes throughout the town. Montezuma maintains a strong healthy union between its culture and environment.

Just north of the town, is a large expanse of pristine sandy white beach. If one continues north along the beach, you will encounter a stunning waterfall protruding from the heart of the rainforest into the ocean. This is a popular destination for people touring on foot as well as folks taking one of the local horseback beachfront tours of the area. There are also several designated camping grounds along this stretch of beach that provide the visitor with a truly amazing camp experience. There is nothing quite like falling asleep and also waking up to the sound of crashing surf.

Montezuma houses a varied mix of different bars and restaurants that can cater to whatever nighttime agenda one may have. Just south of the town is a local disco that can help quench one's party animal needs as well.

Generally, the make up of Montezuma is dictated very much by its pristine ecological setting and also the eco-conscience mindset of the people within it. Montezuma is still a relatively small beach enclave, unspoiled by the interests of major commercial development. It is recommended that travelers see this area sooner rather than later though, due to the ever-present pressure put on Costa Rican communities by outside interests to constantly develop land. The beachside community of Montezuma has a unique combination of culture and natural setting that should be seen and experienced if at all possible.

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