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Liberia is an often overlooked, colonial-influenced, city located in the heart of Guanacaste. Liberia, the province's capitol, is a cowboy town that has many exciting fiestas offering visitors a glimpse of Costa Rica's colonial past.

Liberia is renowned for its old Spanish-style architecture. It is also known sometimes as la Ciudad Blanca, or "the White City" due to the ubiquitous white washed façade of all its buildings. Liberia has a certain historic allure with its white coloured and red-tile-roofed buildings. A visit to this dusty colonial town gives the visitor a strong sense of the area's past history.

The size of Liberia and its local resources have been expanding recently to much avail. The city now sports an international airport that also caters to some local charter flights as well. Liberia International Airport has become a popular point of entry for travelers who are planning to hit the nearby beaches of Nicoya Peninsula.

One of the major draws to the city of Liberia are the various festivals that are held throughout the year. These festivals generally entail lively parades, roaming mariachis, colourful dress, good food, and lots of fun. The largest and most lively festival is the Día de Guanacaste (July 25). This event is a celebration of Guanacaste's independence from Nicaragua in 1812.

Another interesting attraction of Liberia is the various bullfights that it hosts throughout the year. These bullfights are not done in the same sense as their Spanish counterparts. The bullfights usually consist of scores of local Ticos, usually halfway knackered on the local fermented corn-brew (chicha), running around the ring displaying their bravery in the face of a massive angry bull.

There are many different lodging options throughout Liberia. More times than not, travelers have had success finding very economical lodging. The town also has a variety of different eateries and restaurants that give visitors a taste of the local cowboy-cuisine. There are also a few upscale eco-tourist resorts located just outside of Liberia. These resorts provide guests with upscale lodging coupled with easy access to the nearby cloud forests.

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