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Jaco is a fun-loving coastal surf town conveniently located in close proximity to Costa Rica's capitol, San Jose. A very popular beach destination among locals and foreigners alike, Playa Jaco has something to offer everyone.

Because of its close proximity to San Jose (two hours by bus), Jaco has been developed in a way that is much different to other Costa Rican tourist destinations. The local Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they refer to themselves, have had greater influence on than progression of Jaco than outside foreign interests have. This has had the effect of producing a home-grow laid back feel to the area.

Once in Jaco, there are opportunities to pursue outdoor adventures and a social nightlife as well. The town is located on a beach that has consistently strong surf, which is ideal for the local and visiting surf crowds. The wet season (May-November) is generally considered to provide a better surf break, but there are still many surf opportunities during the dry season as well.

Jaco consists of small hotels, bars, cafes, a disco, and surf shops located within a large U-shaped bay. The town also caters to eco-tourism interests. There are horseback riding guide services that lead folks up to the nearby mountain tops. Mountain biking tours with exotic jungle destinations are also offered by local Jaco eco-tourist guide services. If one is seeking to take a naturalist's perspective of the area, there are local ecological guides led by local University of Costa Rica ecologists.

For travelers who are seeking to improve their Spanish-language skills, Jaco hosts language immersion schools. This method of learning Spanish has proven to be many times more effective than lecture-based classes conducted within the student's home country.

Just north of Jaco, along the coastline, are a series of exquisite beachside villas, offering the visitor a truly luxurious and pampered beachside experience. Though somewhat expensive in comparison to many other Costa Rican lodging options, one truly does receive top notch services. This area has become an increasingly popular destination for newlywed honeymooners.

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