Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa, which means "beautiful beach", is all that its name entails. It is considered a favourite area of many visitors, due to its pristine natural allure as well as the variety of activities it hosts.

Playa Hermosa is located a short distance south of Jaco. The area has proven to be popular to visitors seeking a more-laid back style of travel. Playa Hermosa can serve as an easily accessible sanctuary from the higher traffic and bustle of Jaco.

Playa Hermosa is a very popular destination for swimmers. The water here is very warm and the beaches are wide and extensive. If you are interested in underwater scuba diving safaris, there are local dive centres that can cater to what you are looking for. A scuba diving experience in this pristine setting will almost certainly generate memories that will last you a life time.

The sea is a way of life in the communities around Playa Hermosa. It provides food, pleasure, and an economic means. You will find its influence ranging from your day's activities to your dinner plate at night. Playa Hermosa is a marine environment that must be experienced in order to be understood.

There are several hotels located throughout the area. The room pricing is generally considered to be moderate by Costa Rican lodging standards. There are also many beachside cafes and restaurants that allow the visitor to taste the native foods and cooking styles of the area. Playa Hermosa provides the visitor with a well-rounded mix of culture, setting, and activities.

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