Costa Rica Flights and Airlines

American, Continental, Delta, and United fly to Costa Rica from the US.

Other carriers that fly to Costa Rica include Iberia, LTU, MartinAir, Mexicana, and Taca. The official Costa Rican carrier is LACSA. Before booking your own flight to Costa Rica, investigate whether there is a vacation package you’re interested in that already includes airfare, as this may be more economical than arranging transportation separately from your in-country tour.

You can find a flight to Costa Rica from most major US airports. Costa Rica is a popular destination, and there are lots of non-stop flights available.

Within Costa Rica, local air travel is available from SANSA and Nature Air. There are also helicopter services. Despite the small size of the country, flying from one area to another can be an attractive alternative to spending four or five hours bouncing up and down on somewhat primitive roads.


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