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With its rich architectural heritage, world-renowned orchestras and wealth of coffee houses; it’s no wonder that Vienna is fast becoming one of Europe’s most talked about city breaks. Wander through the tangle of narrow streets of central Innere Stadt and you’re constantly served with reminders of Vienna’s longstanding appreciation of the good life; whether you’re faced with the intricate façade of a high Gothic church or a mighty bowl of Schlagobers – the whipped cream that traditionally accompanies Viennese pastries.

Map of Vienna (Wien) - Official tourist site for Vienna (see middle right link for English).

Vienna’s historic heart is surrounded by Ringstrasse, a stately boulevard which acts as a showcase for the city’s finest shops, cafés and restaurants. Much of Vienna’s charm comes from leaving your guidebook in the hotel and seeing what you can ‘discover’. However, there are some things that really shouldn’t be missed, such as Stephansdom Cathedral (arguably the city’s finest Gothic structure) and the Kunthistorisches Museum, which houses one of the world's truly great art collections.

Also tucked within Ringstrasse is the Hofburg. Once home to the imperial Habsburg dynasty; the former palace now corrals together an impressive collection of museums. Entire weekends could easily be swallowed up in the museum complex, but it’s the crown jewels that turn the most heads.

Vienna’s love of art is well documented and the city has inspired many extraordinary minds over the centuries. In fact, it’s difficult to think where Europe would stand culturally without the past input of the likes of Freud, Hoffmann, Schiele and Klimt. However, it’s Vienna’s contribution to music that has left the greatest impression. The city has nurtured numerous musical geniuses from Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven to Schubert, Strauss, and Mahler. Even today the city is synonymous with music and celebrated for its orchestras, choirs and festivals which run throughout the year.

No Vienna city break is complete without booking a ticket to see the legendary Lippizaner Stallions, who more than live up to their billing as ‘the finest dressage performers in the world’. The public are allowed to watch them perform at the Spanish Riding School, but demand is high and reservations should be made at least eight weeks in advance.

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