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While the majority of UK airports are well connected with public transport, in most cases the most convenient way of getting to the airport is often by car. This is especially true for families, anyone travelling with heavy baggage or those taking advantage of cheap airfares that depart in the small hours. The good news is that if you plan your parking right, you should be able to book a space for as little as £5.00 a day.


The trick is to do your homework. Most airports have such a wealth of different parking options that it can be difficult to know where to begin. By addressing the following points we hope that you'll be able to avoid some of the potential logistical and financial pitfalls.

Firstly you'll need to know exactly how long you want to leave your vehicle for. Most long stay car parks levy charges for a 24 hour period, 'or part thereof', which means that you could wind up paying for another day - even if you are just a couple of minutes over.

Secondly by booking in advance you can make some real savings; frequently as much as 30%. You'll also reduce the strain of your trip by knowing exactly where you are heading and that you have a guaranteed parking space when you arrive.

As a rule of thumb, short stay airport parking only makes economic sense if you're staying for a maximum of five hours, otherwise you'll be better off parking further from the airport (in the mid or long stay car parks).

In the world of airport parking price doesn't necessarily mean value and you could find that those few pence saved really aren't worth the extra slog involved. Hence, when deciding which long stay car park is best suited to your needs there are a number of points that should be taken into consideration:

Proximity to your departure terminal: most of the cheaper car parks are located at some distance from the airport, which means that you'll have to catch a shuttle bus for the last leg. Nine times out of ten, this is little cause for concern, but you need to know how long the journey will take (to factor it into your timings) and most importantly how frequently the shuttles run.

Vehicle safety: your holiday could quickly go down the pan if you return to find your car damaged or stolen. Most airport parking companies are fully aware of this and bend over backwards to advertise their security measures, which typically include: CCTV surveillance, foot patrols and robust fencing.

As a final point: don't be afraid to spend some time shopping around; it is bound to pay dividends in the end.

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