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Airport Hotels - Travel ExtrasWith the ongoing boom in air travel it may well be true that 'the world is getting smaller', but it's unlikely that the distance between your house/office and the nearest airport is diminishing at the same rate. And with a growing number of flights departing at 'antisocial' hours, it's easy to see why more and more airport hotels are springing up across the UK.

Spending the night in an airport hotel not only takes the hassle out of catching an early flight or trekking home in the middle of the night, but it could also save you money. Today the majority of airport hotels offer reduced (or even complimentary) parking for up to 15 days. Basic packages start at £60-70 for a simple room with parking and courtesy airport transfers. If you do the maths you'll probably find that this is around the same cost as leaving your vehicle at the airport's long-stay car park for two weeks.

Before you book a hotel, however, it's worth bearing the following points in mind:

Airport Transfers: Before you make any firm commitments, it's important to find out how you're going to get from your hotel to the airport buildings. Most airport hotels offer complimentary shuttle bus services, but you'll need to know: a) How long the trip takes, b) How frequently 'shuttles' depart, c) If they operate round-the-clock, and d) How/where to catch the return transfer.

Hotel Facilities: Remember that your chosen airport hotel is likely to be some distance from the usual city centre spread of bars and restaurants, so check that you'll be able to get something to eat and drink. It's also worth asking when breakfast is served; after all you will probably have already paid for it. The good news is that a growing number of hotels provide a self-service continental breakfast throughout the night.

Double Glazing: Most purpose-built airport hotels will be fully sound-proofed and fitted with double (or even triple) glazing, but it's a good idea to make sure. A sleepless night, kept awake by the roaring of jet engines, is far from the ideal way of starting your holiday.

Shop Around: The Internet is a good starting point when looking for the most competitive deals, but don't forget the power of the phone. Once you've found the right hotel a quick call could save you a small fortune.

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